The vision of Sojourn Community Church is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the city of Beaumont so that God is glorified, new people come to faith in Christ, and lives are changed as we become more like Jesus. We long to see ourselves and others move closer to Jesus. With this vision before us there are five core values we hold specifically for the city and people of Beaumont.

Gospel Centered

We believe that the gospel changes everything. It is this belief that compels us to place the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do. From our worship and preaching, to our service and outreach; from our community and cultural engagement, to our love for and mercy towards others, the gospel changes it all. This is the hopeful news we long to bring to the unchurched in Beaumont.

Reaching The Unchurched

We desire to build our church primarily through the conversions of unchurched and nominal Christians. We are not looking to take Christians who are already committed members of local other churches. Instead, we long to take the gospel to the unreached and unchurched people in Beaumont.

Reaching The Next Generation

We believe that in order to make a lasting impact we must reach the next generation with the gospel. Statistics show us that young people are leaving the church in massive numbers. This compels us to seek out young people in the hopes that this trend will reverse and that our church will stand the test of time.

Unity within Diversity

Beaumont is a diverse place both racially and economically. We long to be a church for all people, regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic status. We will seek to be a place where both black and white, rich and poor, and young and old will find common ground at the foot of cross, humbled together by the grace God has shown us in Christ. We long to be unified not by age, race, or our financial status, but by Jesus Christ and what he has done for us.


We will seek to be a place for authentic community where people are both fully known and fully loved. Just as God has invited us into community with him, so we long to invite others to experience this community within the context of the local church, through our Community Groups.